The Siberian Cat was born as a result of the natural selection between the wild forest cat and the domestic cat brought by some settlers from Siberian Russia during their pilgrimages. Over time these two breeds of cats have mated giving rise to what is now recognized as the Siberian, the national breed of Russia.

Given the considerable spread on Russian territory, however, it was not possible to carry out in-depth studies on its exact origin. Siberian is thought to be the forefather of some of the most famous feline breeds, such as the Maine Coon, the Turco Van, and the Turkish Angora.

A descendant of the Siberian Cat is the Neva Masquerade, which was recognized in FIFe in the year 2009 as the sister breed of the Siberian.

It should be noted that, through special research and tests carried out, they have found that the Siberian cat and the Neva Masquerade are absolutely HYPOALLERGENIC , so if you have a feline allergy, with this breed you can rest easy.