Neva Masquerade is a definitely sweet and affectionate cat.
It’s the first to give you a good morning and the last to say goodnight.
This beautiful feline is not only in need of affection, it is even he who gives it, yes, the Neva is a cat that not only receives cuddles but also he is able to makes them.
In addition to being an extremely friendly cat it’s elegant and fined.
Despite his sweet and meek temperament he is a great playful cat and does not miss an opportunity to get fun with a ball, with wool yarn or with anything else that teases his wish to play.
The Neva is not only a simple pet, but becomes officially a member of the family.
If you feel sick, you will never be left alone, in fact he will come close to you in bed to stay in your company and cheer you up.
Although he will shows a particular love for one of your family member, he will never fail to be affectionate with others too, never leaving anyone without a sweet outpouring.
Extremely independent from an early age, learn to use the litter  box quickly.

Regarding the food is absolutely not demanding, it eats both croquettes and moist.