About us

We are Massimo and Alessandra, we are married, we live in Italy in the Altopascio city, our native country where we have a bakery and pastry shop and business.

The story that led us to choose the cat as a life partner is of course a love story. We have always been animal lovers, we  actually have an Amazon blue front named Anita and a Chihuahua named Azzurra, but the charm of felines has always involved us in a particular way.

Our passion for selection was born 4 years ago, in 2014, when, after the death of an European  female cat with whom we lived for 15 years, we realized that  when she  passed away, she had left an unbridgeable empness  inside us, therefore we felt the need to take a new kitten with us.
Looking around us, we take contact with an important and recognized cattery in our area and starting to attend the various cats shows, we had the feeling that the Sacred of Birma could be right for us.

We fell in love with a beautiful female that had deep blue eyes and a sweetest temperament. From her were born: Kin Narah Hamlet and Kin Narah Althea.
The more these kittens grew up and the more we fell in love with them and at the end, we decided to keep Hamlet with us with because of his sly, playfull and cuddly temperament.  His behavior is delicious , he is the first who decides when it’s time to play or get pampered. Its sweet temperament can be seen at any time especially when it goes along well with all the other cats in the house, generous lets go of sweet outpourings, that is  the main feature of the Sacred  Birma.

As our enthusiasm for our furry friends grew more and more we decided to buy two Siberian Neva Masquerade kittens from the Russian Nevskiy Sapfir Cattery in order to forge a collaboration and have the opportunity to start a breeding program of this beautiful feline breed.

This is where the adventure began…